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Frequently Asked Questions

Sanitizing & Safety update for 2020 

Enjoy safe, contact-free service at MV Baby Rent and MV Beach rent, Even full-size cribs, arrive fully assembled and slightly folded to fit through doorways. This year we’ll use separate vehicles for deliveries and pick ups. Sanitized items go in the delivery van, pick-ups in the pick up van. This will eliminate  possibility of cross contamination.

In addition to our intensive deep cleaning between rentals, I suggest you wipe or spray down your delivery prior to use.  Sometimes a house manager, rental agent, caretaker or housekeeper may have moved the items from their original location. This will provide an abundance of caution which can benefit everyone. All cloth products we carry may safely be bleached or wiped/sprayed with Lysol-type disinfectant. You may use sanitizer on the wooden cribs, too. All crib sheets and mattress pads are folded and sealed in plastic bags directly from the laundry. You may use whatever makes you feel safe for your family on our products without worry.

Our drivers have always had gloves and hand sanitizer and cleaning wipes available to them. We will now provide the option of masks and spray sanitizer in the vans as well. Drivers are instructed in proper usage. 

Cancellation is free if done by phone or email any time until and including the day before delivery.


We take items apart and wash, steam clean, sanitize, put back together, safety check and re-sanitize. Wooden cribs are wiped with sanitizer on all surfaces- yes, every slat! Vinyl-clad crib mattresses are sanitized between uses. All crib sheets and mattress pads are folded and sealed in plastic bags directly from the laundry. Upon pick-up, all returned equipment is taken apart, washed, steamed, sanitized and then put back together and re-sanitized. Our wooden cribs are wiped with sanitizer on all surfaces- yes, every slat! Crib mattresses are vinyl and are also sanitized between uses. All crib sheets and mattress pads are folded and sealed in plastic bags directly from the laundry.

Please remove any excessive soiling from items before return to avoid additional cleaning /item replacement fees. The minimum cleaning fee is $25 for items returned with excessive soiling. The offending substances may include, but are not limited to: gum, bodily secretions, crayons, ink, stickers, food (except on high chairs), sunscreen, and other difficult to remove stuff TBD.


Safety is the number one priority. All our equipment is purchased directly by us for us. We select items based on sturdiness, safety, cleanability and certification by the JPMA. We closely follow all recall information. Every item is checked and re-checked upon delivery and return.


We provide contact-free doorstep delivery to all island towns. Free with advance order. Seven days a week. A delivery fee is added to same day orders. It goes directly to the drivers who make these special deliveries.
Delivery and pick up times vary depending on weather, traffic and the route. If you need the items by certain time, or until a certain time, please schedule to deliver or pick the day before or after.

We can’t schedule a specific time but you don't need to be at the home for delivery or pick up. Most deliveries and pick-ups take place between the hours of 9:30 and 3. The driver will leave the items on the porch, deck or in the most sensible area. They will be covered if rain is forecast.  If you ordered a crib, it arrives fully assembled. It’s all one piece and sets up in about a minute. No tools needed.  The crib will be folded down so it will fit through doorways. It’s not a project. Directions are on the mattress board which is attached to the crib. If you leave before the driver arrives to pick up, simply leave the items in an accessible area. An FYI, cleaners often handle turnovers very quickly in large teams and lock the house when they leave so please don’t rely on cleaners to allow us access to the home.

If you wish to be at the address to receive delivery or for pick up, please call on the morning of and we will do our best to provide you with an expected window of time for the driver's arrival.


If an item is unavailable for certain dates, the dates item is unavailable will be posted on the item immediately.

Minimum Order?

Our minimum length of stay is overnight. There is no minimum dollar amount!


Chappaquiddick Island residents may have their equipment delivered to and picked up from the Edgartown side of the ferry. If you provide us with a phone number we will call and let you know when we drop off the equipment. It is great if you can do the same for us.

Can I come get the equipment?

No, we do not have a storefront. We are happy to deliver to you.


Orders cancelled  before 9 am on the day of delivery are fully refunded. No credit for early returns.

What is Massachusetts Car Seat Law and Who installs the car seat?

Liability prevents us from installing the car seat.  

The Bay State requires all children under age 8 to ride in a child seat unless the child is over four feet, nine inches tall. Children ages 8 through 12 should be secured using the vehicle’s seat belt system.

For current guidelines please visit National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Pick up?

Orders must be available for pick up at 9:30 on the day of pick up. Of course this does not mean we will be at every pick up location at exactly 9:30; you may continue to use items until the driver arrives as long as you are able to return items to the driver upon arrival. If you leave before pick up occurs, please leave the equipment in an accessible spot. If your rental is unable to be picked up you will incur a missed pick up fee of $25, as well as additional rental charges, so please do not leave the equipment locked away. If you know you would like to use the equipment late on the pick up day, call or email us. We try to be accomodating. Please call us if your plans change to prevent these additional charges and so that we may better accomodate your needs.

Is there a seasonal rate?

Yes! The seasonal rate is 1.5x the 1 month rate. The shopping cart will calculate it for you.


The above equipment is received for rental purposes only. Lessee shall keep and maintain this equipment in good repair and shall replace all damaged and/or broken parts immediately. Any parts not returned shall be charged to lessee at present selling price. Lessee shall not loan, sub-let, mortgage or in any other manner dispose of same to any person without written consent of owner. Any personal injuries or property damage suffered by any person using this equipment shall be assumed by the lessee and no liability whatsoever shall attach to lessor. Lessee agrees to indemnify and save harmless the lessor against all loss, damage, expense and penalty arising from any action on account of any inquiry to person or property occasioned by the operation, handling or transportation of the leased property during the rental period or while the property is in the possession or control of the lessee. Hold Harmless: You assume all risks inherent in the operation and use of the Rented Equipment by You and anyone else. You agree to assume the entire responsibility for the defense of, and pay, indemnify, and hold US harmless from, and release US from, any and all claims for damage to property or bodily injury (including death), or for loss of time and inconvenience resulting from the use, operation or possession of Rented Equipment, whether or not it be claimed or found that such damage or injury resulted in whole or in part from Our negligence, from the defective condition of the Rented Equipment or from any cause.


Other questions?    

Please call or email. Happy to help if we can.